68: Prioritizing Self-Care: A Journey with Melissa Lynne Ashton

“I realized that it was not working for me and something had to give or I was going to get in a fetal position and never come out.”

This podcast episode discusses the importance of taking care of oneself in order to be able to show up well in all roles in life. Jillian and Melissa share their stories of struggle and how they were able to prioritize their lives and do more than they ever dreamed of. They discuss the difficulty of being torn between taking care of yourself and taking care of your family during tragedy and trauma. Jillian and Melissa discussed the power of self-discovery and how it can help one to show up better in all roles in life. Finally, they discussed the importance of taking time for oneself and dedicating time to think and reflect.



(00:20:46) Accepting Help

(00:34:49) Relearning to Feel

(00:41:33) Self-Discovery Journey

(00:06:37) Travis’s Surgery

(00:27:33) Finding Self Again

(00:55:19) Prioritizing Self

(00:13:58) Travis’ Recovery

(00:48:30) Raising a Blind Child


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